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BalanceDiet™ at home

BalanceDiet™ at home is one of the most effective and fastest-growing consumer weight loss programs available today. Our BalanceDiet™ at home program provides all the benefits of our award-winning, proven weight loss program, (including next day shipping of highly-effective supplements and snacks) in the comfort and convenience of your home! BalanceDiet™ at home clients can enjoy the same below-retail and deep product discounts offered to our Centers’ “BalanceDiet™ Insiders” as well.


BalanceDiet™ at home is the perfect solution for clients who have busy schedules, travel frequently or live too far from one of our multiple Center Locations.


BalanceDiet™ at home clients receive private and personal support from their very own professional lifestyle consultants. Clients have contact via the Web and phone to help ensure that their goals are being met successfully. We offer a uniquely customized weight loss program with a robust set of online resources and direct shipping of weight loss tools, helping to ensure weight loss success!


One-on-One Weekly Phone Support and Online Community


  • Each week (or more often if desired), you'll speak privately with your experienced BalanceDiet™ at home consultant via phone to discuss strategies, overcome challenges and celebrate your successes. Consultants are available to support you by email between phone calls. And you will also have an online community of other BalanceDiet™ at home clients who will be an ongoing support system.


Customized Programs


  • Our proprietary BalanceDiet™ Weight Management Program includes a simple, non-invasive genetic test which allows us to uniquely customize a program for you based on your genetics, your lifestyle and goals. You will improve your weight loss success by establishing the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat that you are more likely to benefit from based on your genotype.


Convenient, Easy and Proven Results


  • Our BalanceDiet™ at home program has been modified to support clients remotely, using email, telephone and online support tools. However, the foundation of the BalanceDiet™ at home program is based upon the proven principles of our award-winning, center-based BalanceDiet™ program.


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