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BalanceD™ Training is a strength and conditioning system that promotes the "complete transformation" of the human body rather than simply providing traditional personal training exercise routines. Our program consists of mainly ground-based movements to promote core stability, structural loading, and proper human posture.

BalanceD™ Training  differs from many other personal training programs because our system requires the body to function in all  three planes of anatomical position (frontal, sagittal, and transverse). In addition, the system is designed to improve flexibility, balance, coordination, and extend the range of motion of human locomotion. The Fitness Triangle Paradigm is the foundation of the BalanceD™ Training strength & conditioning system and consists of:

Muscular Strength & Endurance - combination of the appropriate repetitions and resistance designed to target all three energy systems (phosphagen, glycolysis, and oxidative) of human performance.

(THR) Conditioning -  a conditioning program that is based on the maximum oxygen uptake and each individual's target heart rate. (THR) Conditioning ensures optimal resistance levels to manipulate the human energy systems by appropriately using the macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats).

Diet & Nutrition - our nutrition plans are based on a computerized body fat assessment that specifically details your total body fat, fat-free mass, total body water, muscle mass, and the body mass index percentages. We then use this data to accurately prescribe the appropriate caloric intake (including the macronutrients breakdown) for each client. This prescription is based on the client's current activity level and the desired fitness goal. Our approach is inclusive and caters to fat loss clients as well as those interested in improving lean muscle mass.

WHY BalanceD™ Training is BETTER


We are coaches not trainers - We coach stance, alignment, and the correct techniques of human locomotion. Our coaches ensure that every movement is most importantly safe, structurally sound, and coincides with proper body mechanics. "We don't train, we coach human movement."

Strength & Conditioning - Our focus is to strengthen & condition the body, achieve lower body fat percentages, and refine lean muscle mass. We understand and promote the ideology that reduced body fat percentages is a product of strength & conditioning.


The Process - This simply means that you have to buy into "the process." We motivate our clients to compete with the adversity of "the process"  instead of focusing on the desired result. For example, you are not in competition with body fat. You are in competition with what it takes to defeat higher body fat percentages. Your focus should not be on winning the war; it should be on the war itself!

Comprehensive System - Most personal training programs do not adequately address all of three elements of the Fitness Triangle Paradigm (Muscular Strength & Endurance, THR Conditioning, and Diet & Nutrition). In traditional programs your personal training services are not comprehensive, require you to seek-out additional professional services, and increase your out of pocket expenses to reach your goals. Our system offers a team of professionals that are all specialized in their areas of professional expertise. We are all on the same team, following the same game plan, and working together to provide you the best in personal training services.


• Our training packages include an initial and post period assessment. This includes a collection of physical measurements: height, weight, body mass measurements from neck to calf, a computerized body fat assessment, and a screening for strength, power, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

• Packages are based on weekly frequency. We have package plans that start at one session per week and you can add up to five sessions per week. A typical session is 30mins or 45mins.

• An exercise session is a combination of various forms of exercise; however, our system is mostly consistent with the movements and the range of motions used by competitive athletes.

• Our system is comparatively priced and we offer a variety of programs and services. We have custom programs for every budget and all skill levels.

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